What is TradeMapper?


What is TradeMapper?

TradeMapper is an interactive browser-based tool developed by TRAFFIC and WWF to visualise wildlife trade data quickly and easily. Trade flow is depicted by arrows (wider arrows show larger trade volume) and coloured points which represent the role of countries along the route (origin, exporter, transit, importer). You can zoom (scroll wheel), pan (drag) the map, and filter the data. TradeMapper can be used both to analyse data, and also create attractive maps for inclusion in reports and presentations._

TradeMapper is a tool to help analyse and visualise data. However it is essential that you recognise the limitations and caveats associated with your dataset, and keep this in mind when interpreting the map.

Users can also use TradeMapper to visualise non-wildlife flow data such as flows of investments or people, or points at single locations.

TradeMapper was initially created by Willow Outhwaite (TRAFFIC) and Paul Roberts (formerly WWF-UK). TradeMapper was kindly funded by the WWF-UK Innovation Fund and developed by Aptivate http://www.aptivate.org/.